Everyday Sexism, Feminist Style

So, another boozy night after work in London. Work colleagues get hammered together. Work colleagues start going at it in public, thinking no one can see them. One is a big city lawyer, the other is a Queen’s Constable, probably the highest achievement of any lawyers’ career as there are only about 1,500 of them. Female QCs are even rarer: there are only about 200 of them.

They get caught by a member of the public and the police intervene.

Public decency has been violated, and the they get cautioned for it by the police.

But six weeks later, she claims she was sexually assaulted, and so, gets a lifetime of anonymity. She is now a victim. He is now being accused of criminal behaviour, by her.

He is named, photographed by the press and has his picture plastered around every newspaper and website. She, does not… and cannot be, by law. She is willing to throw him under the bus and destroy him… to save herself. And she is a high ranking lawyer… a purveyor of ‘justice.’

Another woman who cannot face responsibility for her actions, and can use the law to weasel out of it, while disposing of the man as if his reputation and life are worth not a damn.

Ahh male privilege. There ain’t nothing like it.