Say Goodnight, Brussels…Say Goodbye Euro

If you live in western Europe, it doesn’t get much worse than this. Your country is ruled by unelected technocrats in Brussels, your national sovereignty is being stripped from you, while what’s left of your country is being invaded by hoards of foreigners, mostly (but not all) muslims – who hate the way you live.

And all the time you’re told how great it is… by the press, by the politicians, and the banks. And then, to the east, a country like Hungary turns up two fingers to Brussels and actually gets immigration under control, and holds referendum after referendum on single political issues, in something that looks like an actual participatory democracy. But you don’t get to do that, because your “representative democracy” of drunks and sexual deviants is “advanced” and superior. You realise you’ve been had.

And now, to top it all off, the currency which is supposed to be the shining beacon of the EU establishment’s dream, created by people who, it is clear, are rank economic amateurs, starts tanking. Austerity looms ever larger, the IMF is threatening to jump ship and leave the EU on its own to sort out a debt crisis that is insolvable, and the currency just keeps right on tanking. You’ve been left holding the proverbial monetary bag. Sovereign default, dressed up as “restructuring” is coming and it will be the worst horror show Europe has seen since the winter of 1946/47.

The brief Euro rally is over. As predicted here several times in the past weeks, the rout has recommenced. Within a year or two the whole currency will be toast. New lows are on the horizon, and the “showpiece” of the EU is headed for extinction.Western Europe stands at the brink of political, cultural and social armageddon.

And they talk about the ‘danger’ of Brexit?



5 thoughts on “Say Goodnight, Brussels…Say Goodbye Euro

  1. Let’s all sincerely hope you are wrong. Because where Western Europe goes, human civilization shall follow. It would herald a regression of developed society to a death march led by the mindless. The EU was a doomed enterprise from its inception. National identity is the linchpin of individual commitment to one’s homeland. Belgium has been turned into a painted tool used to undermine the greatness that is Western Europe. I hope the people of the EU includes a population of resistance to offset the passive surrender that happens when everyone is too polite.


    1. “Because where Western Europe goes, human civilization shall follow.”

      …during the period of darkness that encompassed Europe… from about 350 a.d. to 1400… Byzantium thrived. Western Europe is not the barometer of human civilization. Not by a long shot.


      1. The Byzantine Empire from circa 400 to the early Middle Ages was a period of drastic change. This was the period that saw the great migration of the Slav people and the subsequent formation of Balkan nations like Serbia. In Constantinople, the area was under constant siege until finally conquered by the Ottomans in the 1400’s. Advancements were possible as the result of the heavy taxation on non-muslims and slaves as a source of labor. Byzantine also endured an age of darkness, some of which can be attributed to the casualties of bubonic plague. But, the entire area after the fall of Rome was a war zone as new states established borders in addition to the crusading excursions of the Roman Catholic Church, the picture it paints is not one that screams stability. Perhaps I pay too much homage to Greco Roman Antiquity.


      2. I would say you are mixing a lot of different periods of history here. The Plague comes at the end of Byzantiums period. The whole are was not really a war zone… although political allegiances did shift and central europe saw heavy conflict… but the area of Turkey into the Levant did rather well, while Europe closed up into a dark age. History is the history of cycles… and it is not a linear progression… the western cycle is coming to close… its really as simple as that. We stand at the emergence of China and India as the centres of world power… It will take a few generations, but that it what is happening. The European world could preserve itself… but it seems to have no interest in self-preservation. No great power is attacking it – – it is committing suicide, willfully.


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