Patriarchy Takes on the US Election

Election Psychosis… please aim your slings and arrows…now

As Trump closes in….

The unabashed truth is, none of this shit is getting us anywhere. The ‘binary’ (dumb-ass watchword of the decade) of bush clinton clinton bush bush is a depressing enough word-redundancy of female genitalia, but Trump’s ability to upset the apple cart is now, as many have realised, a nice idea, but really of limited value.

The reason is obvious. The apple cart can’t really be upset. It’s already upset. It can be blown up – probably by some sharia psycho taking a selfie on his way to the 72-hymen harem in heaven – but it can’t really be upset. It could be jostled a bit, by President-elect Trump’s brains and body cartilage being splattered all over a Las Vegas pavement, after being pushed out of a penthouse suite and just missing the Elvis impersonators convention… but the American people will just stop and stare at the end of the man with a perpetual bad hair day and reprise with a sigh, “Here we go again. I wonder what wonderful triple-barreled name they’ll come up with this time.”

Because it doesn’t matter, because America will never “be great again”… because it was only “great” for a very short period of time… and even then… it really wasn’t all that great.

Trump, if we want to face the truth, can’t bring back the fun that America briefly was, because everyone that made America briefly great was young and rebellious and we’ve replaced that with the righteous and geriatric. It’s a deadly combo. And, when we catch those brief moments of self-examined honesty, we know that. Everyone knows the fun is all over… no matter who ‘wins’.

In the world of Trump, taking target practice on the Sharia psychos could provide some fun and games for a while. It would probably be more fun that popping Mexicans. But the desire of the Sharia psychos to actually die, and not live, kinda takes the fun away. And a Trump victory won’t provide much in the way of a revived economy, because the economy is dead… and it’s never coming back. And we know that also. That is what this fin d’un cycle is allllll about. Still we could wind up the end of Western Civilization with some hysterically funny moments, perhaps brought to you by a Koch bros/Mario Bros tag-team of the humourless and the pointless, but that would take some Hilarity… and really, maybe Hilarity is just the nut for the job. She could be a perfect fit, really.

In fact, Hilarity could produce real results. She could end life on the planet, or at least make a serious dent in the Northern Hemisphere population, when she decides she can beat Putin in a showdown at the thermo-nuclear corral. She could re-ignite a pants-suit fetish, and make crotch splitting a “thing” again. She can probably rile the femi-noiseies and the lesbos into a new bout of froth-raging intense screaming, but the seemingly in-exhaustible screech of women’s liberation movement will eventual turn to tears because women actually hate liberation, because it leads to bad tatoos, fat asses and STDs. And it is especially hated when it becomes a focal point for sex. Sub-Dom is a much better repertoire, as liberation implies freedom, which, as women have found, doesn’t translate well in the bedroom when your supposed to be tied up or tied down, or tongue-tied. And its tough to play out either sub or dom with the invariable by-product of modern feminism – the dribbling mangina, who is so useless he actually listens to your bullshit stories of oppression… in between playing video games.

The Alpha boys who can deliver a pizza, a six-pack and the goods at the same time don’t care anymore. Their interest had waned. Their successful readings of the scriptures of Saints Rollo and Heartiste have parlayed so much poon into their laps, they’ve grown tired of it all. The conquest, like the political landscape, is as barren and hollow as feminist crotch. Conquering women for sex, and being a true shit lord, as rare an achievement as it is, has only a minor lasting appeal. And actual love packed up and left a long time ago, back in the day when America was still fun… and was worth fighting for. As we all painfully know; now, no matter who wins the latest round of the spastic charades call the US Presidential election, that is clearly no longer the case.

6 thoughts on “Patriarchy Takes on the US Election

  1. After reading your posts and comments, I needed to make the observation that you really are quite brilliant as a writer. This, like the others I’ve read, are thought provoking, yes, and that is rare enough, but some of the ideas you express are actually quite compelling in my opinion. Would you mind if I asked your national origin? You seem entirely too versed in Eastern Europe and international affairs to have been educated in the United States.


  2. You know where I was, yesterday? I was standing in a place worth dying for in the most unexpected of ways. In fact, the exact thought I had while looking around and taking it all in, was “this is America. This is what makes this country the one I would die to defend.” I was standing in Paola’s Pizza, a restaurant that used to be the old fire station. It’s in the small town of Sandy, Oregon, on the way towards Mt. Hood. The interior is filled with local memories, high school football trophies donated by local players, photos, uniforms, framed letters, yearbooks all of local schools and community contributions. The place simply says: I love my community. I support the kids who live here. I honor the legacy of our town. And this place makes the best damn pizza I’ve ever had in my life (and I’m from the east coast.) The person I was with spent his 52 years in this town of Sandy. He went to school, here. His parents both died, here. As did his younger brother in a tragic car accident years ago. His sister and nephews live, here, still. He isn’t married and has no children of his own. I know he would have died for his country at one time, too. Now, he is thinking about retiring as an ex-pat. It makes me want to cry, really. We have so much to love about this country. And it’s been sterilized in fanatical ideologies and destroyed by greed and an apathetic people.


    1. you are speaking of a community… not a nation/state. Your last sentence betrays your own disappointment with it. Rise above it. It is an illusion. You are bigger than it… and you, and you alone, without encumbrance, are more important than it.

      Krishna says, “all is clouded by desire”

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      1. Yes, I am. More than disappointed, I’m devastated recognizing that my country has been abandoned to the presumptuous, unappreciative and ungrateful. I am glad my grandfather did not live long enough to experience the deconstruction of everything that existed that justified the bullet he took and malaria he acquired fighting in the Philippines during WW2. And why he put up living 60 years with the most miserable woman on earth. I feel like a traitor to say that I believe it’s too late to turn the ship around. 😦


  3. The ‘demands’ of history can not abide your personal history. Do not attempt to right or save a nation or the world. The world will get angry and destroy you. You must save yourself. And abandon the emotions that interfere with that. Be careful; your emotions may feel valid, but they will betray you, and cost you and those you love dearly. Do not succumb to them.


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