Sweden: The Vanguard of Feminist Inspired Destruction

There can be little surprise that the first country to reach the stage of modern societal collapse is the one where feminism has become most entrenched: Sweden.
Sweden has always prided itself on being the most open nation in the world. It is. And now it is reaping the whirlwind of that openness: a wholesale, irreversible implosion – just short of civil war. In fact, the destruction has commenced. Asylum centres are being burned, gang battles within the competing muslim communities are regular occurrences, native women are being assaulted for daring to flaunt their political power, sexual openness and financial wherewithal, by immigrants infuriated by their second class status. In Islam, men do not take orders from women. Somehow the feminists missed that simple fact.
Feminism, in its openness, has allowed the wholesale immigration of a massive body of people who simply cannot stand the culture they have been invited into, and want it changed to resemble the one they are comfortable with, and which respects their social and religious dictates. Many Swedish women, and feminists, believe that reason and persuasive argument can change that fundamental contradiction which is tearing their society apart. They have failed to see that separation of church (mosque) and state is not something conservative Islam is ready to countenance. They see the world only through their own egocentric lenses.
In reaction, some neighbouring countries, having seen the experiment that the politically ‘correct’ ideology feminism has fostered with its multi-cultural ‘enlightenment’ and are now distancing themselves from it faster than Husain Bolt can run a 200 metre. They see, now, at this late stage, what the feminist imperative in political terms means: total self-destruction under the guise of “equality.”
Feminism steered us here and is now presented with a choice: either abandon the belief that western gynocentric liberal ‘theology’ can persuade Islam to change its social foundations, or face annihilation. There is no third option.
Norway is starting to move in that direction already, and is laying out its initial plans to roll up the drawbridge and prepare for border controls with Sweden. Perhaps of even more significant note, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg is drafting a legal mechanism which will allow the country to reject not only immigrants, but to jettison the Geneva Convention as well. The Danish Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen, appears prepared to do the same. Hungary is actually suing the EU over its immigrant ‘distribution’ policy. Austria has imposed a cap on the amount of refugees it will take. This is all to the consternation of a Germany who has run roughshod over all EU policy, believing (yet again) that it can dictate what the rest of Europe should do. Merkel has become the enemy.
There are tactical reasons for the Norwegian and Danish moves. Scrapping the Geneva Convention will give these nations the right to refuse people asylum because they are “fleeing danger”. It will also allow them to return refugees to transit countries, which in effect means returning them to Turkey. The UN is predictably up in arms over this because it means their trans-national authority is being sidelined in favour of individual nation states. That is the EU’s nightmare made real, as it undermines their authority, and reveals that they are a completely self-serving, elitist institution with no concept of what goes on outside of their privileged sphere. They are beyond out of touch. They are wholesale ignorant, reckless, and continue to believe that their dictates and micro-management can solve every unsolvable catastrophy.
Schengen, which enshrined the free movement of people in Europe, is dead. It is a prelude to a coming European collapse which will likely see the total collapse of the Euro currency and demand a near totalitarian political order to keep the EU together. The dream of a United States of Europe is fading fast and the feminist belief that opening borders to the Islamic world would create within that community a recognition of western liberal ideology as superior to Islam was a horrendously naïve, not to mention self-centred and racist, mistake.
Feminism and political correctness have wrought the destruction of the west. It is unlikely that it can be saved at this late juncture, without the resort to civil war.

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