A Feminist Thought Experiment

… I know, I know… the title is an oxymoron. Nonetheless…


Feminists claim one of the biggest problems sexual assault victims face is in the actual reporting of the crime. There are a variety of reasons why they hesitate, and so justice is not served.

Men, it is now widely acknowledged, equally fail to properly report themselves as victims of Domestic Violence (DV) for a variety of reasons. Justice is also not being served.

Unlike women, however, men are in the position where an attempt to report a crime committed against them, (as victims of inter personal violenceregularly results in their own arrest and incarceration. They are effectively shut out of the judicial system when seeking redress, because even initiating a legal process can result in internment. The justice system is not to be accessed by men as prosecutors… only ever as defense. A man who tries to bring a prosecution gets thrown in jail. This is a judicial system on par with Apartheid South Africa.

If anybody should understand the plight of someone afraid to report themselves as a victim of a crime, it should be a woman, wouldn’t you think?

… but the feminists; those protectors of ‘equality’ and justice say nothing. Not a word.

Now, if that’s not misandry, then what is?

Their silence is complicity. They have no interest in the conduct of justice.

It is time for men to wake up and realise – they are under attack, and that is the real reason for their mass incarceration. 

…time for a strong cup of Joe, gentlemen.


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