Cologne: The Right Question…

By now, many have seen the Iben Thranholm interview on Cologne posted on RT. It is a classic, in that it asks the question that has been on most lips: Where were the men?

Of course, ‘the men’, as we all know, were, as she says, too feminized to intervene. But isn’t this just the point of feminism? Empowerment? To let women have the power of men? Seems like men have acquired the attributes of women fairly well. Like helplessness. And skills like how to stand around in shock and stare while you dial the police who are standing a few yards away. So why haven’t the feminists taken on the mantle of power and the responsibility that comes with it? Certainly, this should have been their finest hour. A chance to show their effectiveness. What we got from the SJWs and Feminists in Cologne was failure. Has anyone asked why?

Another question to the feminists (male and female alike) and politically correct would be, “Are you seriously going to tell me you never thought something like this would happen?” To both questions, what you get is a sense that actually securing the society against enemies, and people who mean harm, is a skill the feminists haven’t practiced much. So quick to disarm cis gendered white hetero men, will they now take on the responsibility of defense and defend themselves… and how about defend us men?After all, we hear, women are fully capable of taking charge. So why didn’t they? In their delusion they got into bed with another delusional character, the state, who they not only thought they could control, but who they (get this) thought gave a damn about them. You couldn’t make it up.

They have no expertise in it… after all of the decades of feminism, they have no plan. Where is the sisterhood shouting “We’ll take care of this.”? It doesn’t exist. All those years of feminism, and in the heart of its operational theatre, left/liberal Cologne, they have nothing to defend themselves with. No plan for safety, resistance, anything. I guess they just thought they could always count on men.

Maybe the real question should be:  Where were the women?




2 thoughts on “Cologne: The Right Question…

  1. Well said. Although I would add that it’s not only pussified men it’s also men like who just don’t care anymore. I have no problem watching these idiots get their just deserts. You reap what you sow after all.


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