Political Correctness Kills

Political Correctness Kills

It kills fun and it kills happiness: two of the main reasons for living.

And it’s also killing off the economy, as Sydney, Australia has learned.

Endless ‘pc’ inspired moves to do what the progressives do best, micro-manage everything and pass new legislation until everyone gives up and goes home, have made perhaps their biggest impact in Sydney Australia, where the participants in a once enjoyable, good time city have thrown in the towel on the city’s nightlife. An epic description of the micro-managed world of political correctness by Matt Barrie has crossed the broadsheets. And it’s a description of defeat snatched from the hands of success that is telling.

Early closing times, limited opening times, restricted moving areas (…sounds like a ‘safe space’), specified drinking potions at specific times, decanted in approved cups, have all been instituted by a government who manages one set of issues, by thereby creating another set, which will then need further amendment via yet more legislation. It never ends. The bureaucrats have ‘gone wild’, and are delighting in their small, pithy restrictions that ensure that having a good time is finished. It’s just part of the menace that feminism, with its ‘man-spreading’ issues, and safe space designs, (will eventually morph into the need to ‘design’ a completely safe society), has helped push to a place of political prominence.

Comedy will soon be made illegal too… because someone’s feelings might get hurt. This week’s news that Monty Python founder John Cleese has bowed out of the American campus scene should wake people up. But it won’t. We will just learn to live without laughter. Because laughter is often at someone’s ‘expense’. That makes laughter cruel. It will have to stop. Laughter shouldn’t be the product of offense. Find something else to laugh about.

No restriction will be too petty in future. Eventually, you will have most of your life micro-managed by the politically correct mentality that feminism has ushered in, with its deliberate infection into every facet of life. Sex, of course, needs ‘enthusiastic consent’, which, of course, can never be fully verified by people who really aren’t sure whether they’ve been raped or not. Soon a city financed eunuch will stand at the end of the bed while you ‘get it on’, to make sure nobody’s experienced a crime. And even then, we won’t be sure if consent was ‘achieved’.

Yep, ‘pc’ ruins everything it touches.

And thats just the start of it. State regulation of life and feminist regulation of society are marching hand in hand, completely inured to the horror they are creating. If it all prevents one woman from being sexually assaulted then it was all worth it, no matter how draconian. No matter how restrictive all covenants are, no matter the fact that everyone has to sit home and do nothing all night. It is safer.

Feminists assure us that it’s all for the best, that their self-permissive, but highly regulated and authoritarian culture is, in fact, progressive. But when the 11:59 to Cologne comes rolling around – for which the politically correct wrote the script, financed the production and bought the (train) tickets to – you’re too scared to do anything. You’ve learned how anything you might consider doing, like intervening, could be construed as politically “incorrect”. Surely you don’t want to offend… or wind up in court or jail. Sapped of your will, you just look on, too weak to resist the madness. You impotently stand and look at the horror, wondering how much jail time you would do to try and help stop a mass sexual assault for which feminism, and political correctness should hang its head in shame… and accept responsibility for… but won’t.

After all, what the hell we’re you doing outside after midnight anyway? Maybe the ‘outdoor’ life should be made safe for women, and all men put under a permanent curfew? There are a lot of women (mostly feminists) who would have no problem with that. First the safe spaces, then the restrictions on movement…probably soon, a little sharia-lite to make our new immigrants feel more welcome. (Is the blindness of feminism incapable of seeing that it’s ‘creations’ will eventually be turned on its mostly female proponents? Evidently.)

Political correctness, and its primary enforcer and enabler, feminism, has seen fit to restrict human movement and action because of the demand for ‘safety.’ But it hasn’t managed to get the police to intervene to stop mass assault, even when they’re standing right there. (They have learned to erase video recordings of the incidents, though.) Perhaps people should ‘learn’ that resisting someone attacking you is actually not acceptable; that fighting is not a last resort, but no resort at all. Maybe we needed this, to promote another raft of legislation onto us all so that we are accepting of an even more draconian interference of the state into our lives? It just might be necessary. 

Education remains the key here. We need to teach, and even more importantly, learn, how to stop defending ourselves, how beautiful helplessness can be politically becoming, and how to devolve all of our personal and civic power to the state… the same state that came to everyone’s ‘rescue’ in Cologne.

No mind that we still can’t decide what rape is, so we’ve decided to err on the side of caution and include just about anything. It should be patently obvious now that rape is a grossly misunderstood subject, and has been widely delimited in nature, as it has never properly taken into consideration all the many forms it comes in… touch rape, stare rape, thought rape. Those are real crimes. There’s also regret rape; rape by embellishing your bank balance or inflating your career success. Borrow your friends’ porsche and pass it off as your own to impress a girl – that will also be considered rape. Soon all will be rape… and our lives further and further restricted by the potential of rape, until we are properly locked up at home where we can do no harm. But even that will not be ‘safe’.

Domestic Violence, we now know from Spanish legislation, will now be considered an ‘act of terrorism’. It will be ‘prevented’ the same way a terrorist attack will be. By vigilance, increased ‘surveillance’, along with constant observation and monitoring of the ‘situation’. Please do ‘Tell us if you see something suspicious’, the authorities implore us. They give the impression they can ‘help’. But Cologne has proved, they either can’t, or won’t… or don’t want to.

They say ‘Don’t let the terrorists win’ ? Hell, we’ve all but surrendered anyway. We used to teach people to fight and resist. Now we just tell them ‘they need to be safe’, and that we can, given enough legislative power, construct a society that is safe for them. The authorities will take care of everyone. But they don’t. The authorities take care of what’s important to them – their pensions.

And the feminists will cheer, they’ll sit home and discuss more legislation, and they’ll be ‘free’ to indulge themselves, socializing only in the virtual world, where no one can stare at them, ‘judge’ them, or even look askance at them in their increasingly morbidly obese horror. Soon stare rape will happen over an i-phone, and calling fat people fat or laughing at them will have been made illegal and punishable by jail time. And eventually, disagreeing with a ‘registered feminist’ or ‘political correctness officer’, will also become illegal. Because your way of thinking is not ‘correct.’ And if your thoughts aren’t ‘correct’, then political correctness hasn’t gone far enough into the root of the problem, and further, corrective ‘education‘ (why do the sessions always take place behind a locked door ?), will be necessary… until you think the right thoughts. You are thinking the right thoughts, aren’t you? You had better be.

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